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Philosophy and Religion

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College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Barbara Stock, Program Coordinator

Hall Memorial Building, Room S135E

The department offers a major in philosophy and minors in ethics and philosophy. The major is 30 hours; each minor is 15 hours. Whether concentrating in ethics, philosophy or religion, students in these programs develop:

  • the ability to think critically, especially with respect to problem solving and analyzing arguments;
  • the ability to express themselves clearly and persuasively in signed and written form; and
  • knowledge of the literature, major figures, and issues of the discipline.

Students completing a major in philosophy are expected to know the major problems, concepts, terms, writings, and movements in the history of Western philosophy. The program concentrates on the major subdivisions of philosophy - logic, ethics, theory of knowledge, and metaphysics - and on major figures in the history of philosophy (Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant, etc.), as well as on problems arising in contemporary movements, such as analytic philosophy. At the senior level students will take a capstone research-intensive course in which they will do creative work on a philosophical problem using the research and critical skills developed in the program.

Students who minor in ethics or philosophy will take five courses which will be chosen in consultation with a departmental advisor, based on the interest and objectives of the student. The fundamental goal of the minor will be to develop the student's critical and expressive abilities in conjunction with a basic knowledge of the literature, major figures, and issues of the discipline. Philosophy majors and philosophy minors may add a minor in ethics, consulting with the program coordinator to choose additional ethics coursework that complements their philosophy major/minor coursework.

Declaring a Major

Requirements for Admission to a Major in Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy and Religion requires only the signature of the department chair.

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